Company Overview

After Jeff VanHoose sold his precast concrete products business in August of 2007, signing a five-year non-compete agreement, he focused his attention on growing his Pour In Place Company. Selling at the top of the market and honoring the non-compete agreement, while also waiting out the recession to the best of anybody's guess, VanHoose decided to invest in late 2008 by building a Ready Mix Company as well as starting a Mechanical and Millwright Contracting Company, both being in full operation by mid 2009. This growth led to adding exceptional team members. VanHoose believed in his people and always had an outstanding team, but this time VanHoose set his mind on hand-picking the finest and most talented management team to fulfill a unique business plan he had always dreamed of accomplishing.

VanHoose decided to dive right back into the precast concrete business with obvious distinction in the marketplace. In late 2012 VanHoose broke ground on a new facility launching VANHOOSECO Precast, opening in early 2013, a Tennessee-based manufacturing and construction company specializing in utility precast concrete products. Other VANHOOSECO companies and divisions were soon to follow such as design build contracting, construction management and maintenance services, all with proven value engineered solutions.

VanHoose quickly re-entered the precast business, but came back as a much more diverse company. In 2014, VANHOOSECO patented EnvirOcast—a versitile precast concrete wall system comprising a High R-Value insulation for residential walls, as well as many commercial and industrial applications. EnvirOcast has doubled in revenue, and VanHoose expects it to have substantial increases year after year.

In late 2015, VanHoose was serious by deciding to invest north of 12MM to break ground on the new VANHOOSECO pipe plant as well as expanding by more than tripling the size of the VANHOOSECO precast wall plant to keep up with customer demands.

In 2016, the company patented EnvirOkeeper—an underground modular precast, pre-engineered, reinforced concrete in ground detention, retention, harvesting, and infiltration system designed for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact that can easily be outfitted with a wide variety of filter media and water treatment options. The key here is that the EnvirOkeeper system has many benefits and advantages over conventional storm water systems on the market.

With each patented product line, the VANHOOSECO group of companies takes a step closer toward Jeff VanHoose’s vision of intentional congruence, building a vertically integrated business model that is second to none when it comes to quality and service. Ultimately, building a multifaceted set of companies—a one-stop shop—that works on each phase of a project, from development to design build, through build out to CO is quite the accomplishment in such a short amount of time. VanHoose believes that a company is only as good as it’s team. With all that and a team with decades of industry experience that focuses on integrity along with quality and service, the VANHOOSECO group of companies are well on their way...

Our Working Philosophy

Hire only the Best… Construction is nothing without a foundation, at VANHOOSECO we desire to meet and exceed the expectations set forth by our clients, so we only hire the best and develop the most experienced professionals. Our partnerships with our customers are formed through open communication founded on mutual trust, with honesty, and reliability being at the forefront. Our Management Team consists of customer-oriented professionals that are highly experienced and will work diligently to function as an extension and compliment to your team. It is this commitment that allows us to create lasting relationships by having the most experienced team and by delivering the best construction solutions to our clients.

In today’s construction industry, we believe it is necessary to clearly define common objectives and goals. With this, we are able to proactively respond to the concerns and needs of our clients. Our working philosophy provides us with the most efficient and productive construction team available to build your project. We are committed to providing the companies and communities we serve with the highest levels of quality, craftsmanship and service available in the industry.

Our Core Values


Proactive safety planning and management ensures safety remains an integral part of our company culture. You can expect that we will invest in continuing education of all our managers to provide the level of leadership that ensures a safe working environment for everyone working on, visiting, or working near our jobsites.


We are committed to exceeding your exceptions for delivering quality construction. Our team members will follow proven procedures to verify that all features of work installed on your project are inspected and of good quality.

Customer Service

We continually improve our training, tools and processes to increase the quality of service we provide our clients.


We consistently do what is in our clients’ best interest by following our company’s values, methods, and principles, based on mutual trust. If there are issues or challenges, we will do whatever needs to be done to make it right.

Our Promises

We at VANHOOSECO take great pride in keeping our promises. We Promise to maintain substantial stock levels to guarantee reliable and flexible deliveries. We Promise to not only maintain, but exceed quality standards; NPCA, TDOT and ACI. We promise to develop not only innovative, but also reliable solutions assisting our clients in winning contracts. We promise to supply expert advice, no matter whether it is from our office-based planning department or our field-based staff. And finally, we promise to supply our customers with the World Class Customer Service they deserve and will always receive from VANHOOSECO…